Sunday, June 4, 2017


The year is 2029, and mutants are nearly extinct.  James Howlett, AKA Logan and Wolverine, is now a chauffeur in Texas.  His healing powers are fading, and he has to deal with chronic pain.  He is also caring for Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), who suffers from Alzheimer’s, which makes his telepathic powers unstable.  He is asked by Gabriela Lopez (Elizabeth Rodriguez), a nurse who works for the biotech corporation Alkali/Transigen, to take her and a young girl, Laura (Dafne Keen) to a safe haven in North Dakota.

They are attacked by mercenaries along the way, and Logan barely escapes with Laura and Professor X.  Logan discovers Laura is very much like him, and in fact has been cloned from his DNA by Alkali/Transigen.  Together, Logan, Laura and a small group of mutants battle the corporate bad guys.

I did like this movie.  Jackman’s performance as Logan coming to terms with his mortality is thoughtful.  I like the interaction between Logan and Laura, and how Logan cares for Professor X. This movie is a bit more somber than previous X-Men movies, but there is a lot of action, and the idea of biotech corporations experimenting with DNA to make clones isn’t that farfetched.    

Logan is enjoyable.

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